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Toltech provides innovative virtual anatomy education tools for healthcare students and professionals. All of our products are built on real anatomy from the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project along with clinical and photographic imaging so users can have full confidence in what they see. Our products make it easy to take your lab completely virtual, create a hybrid environment or augment a full dissection experience through innovative software and hardware tools that work together as a complete platform.

VH Dissector

  • Real Anatomy with Integrated 3D and cross-sectional views
  • Expansive pre-built curriculum content
  • LMS Integration for building custom curriculum
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS and iPad
  • Support for VR and AR environments

Sectra Education Portal

  • Clinical imaging case library
  • Cloud based remote learning
  • Histology library with view sharing
  • Accessible for any modern web browser

Sectra Table

  • Large multi-touch environment for team-based learning
  • Highly adjustable for mobility and ergonomics
  • Comprehensive clinical imaging library and ability to upload your own cases
  • Includes all VH Dissector and Education Portal features

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